A creative marketing design agency for clients who have higher expectations for performance.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

Creative Marketing and Advertising Design

Kenney Marketing & Advertising is an agency designed to meet the needs of clients who have higher expectations for performance, service and accountability from their creative marketing and advertising partners.


We do this by providing clients with open lines of communication, dedicated and attentive creativity and uncomplicated swiftness to meet and exceed assignments.


Equally important is the way we treat our clients on a daily basis. Perhaps the greatest compliment we’ve ever received came from a long-time client who once said:


"I know you must have other clients. But every time I talk to you, I feel like I’m the only client you have..."


And that's the way it should be.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

Why We're Right For You

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

#1. Because Collaboration is Key

Our only goal is to see our clients succeed. One of the many reasons for our clients' success is our focus on collaboration. We emphasize cooperation in all its forms. From inter-agency creative, to vendor and client relationships - teamwork is our focus. Who we are is what sets us apart.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

#2. With Us You'll Never Be Shorthanded

Whether you have a dedicated marketing department or not, we provide the bandwidth that you need. Rely on us to to be your go-to marketing creative team. We can also be that extra set of resources for your in-house marketing department when you're at capacity and need results fast. And we don't mind rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work that needs to get done. Not all great work is the high-profile stuff.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

#3. We're Versatile and Flexible

The unexpected can happen. We pride ourselves on our ability to perform quickly under pressure to meet project deadlines and exceed expectations. We can handle projects big and small. We're nimble and can pivot quickly to match rapidly changing project requirements. From print to digital, creative concept to production, we've got the skills to help get your job done.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

What We Do

Clients have many needs and we have the skill set to help fill many of those gaps

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

Online and Sales Support Materials

We provide materials, tools, and support that help your company. Including things like: print and digital sales materials, web pages, email campaigns, social media, and so much more.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

Collateral And Brochures

Based on your needs, we will layout and typeset your literature materials, and coordinate the printing. We will choose images from our digital archive or photograph new original images for you. Brochures and collateral will also be provided as .jpg & .pdf for your use in email, web and social media marketing.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

Product Packaging Concept and Design

Our custom packaging design services include industrial design, graphic design, prototyping, engineering, printing system design and implementation. We help you exceed goals and consistently surpass expectations.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

Interactive Video and Presentations

Your interactive video presentation, you can present your data in video form, showing visual representations of numbers and graphs, while also including a video where you contextualize and explain those numbers in a way that anyone can understand.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

Brand Identity

Your personal identity makes you uniquely you, your brand identity is what makes you special and sets you apart from every other company. Your brand is the personality of your business and a promise to your customers, and we can take this to the next level for your company.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

Photography and Image Production

We can organize any size photoshoot you need, from one item to a full room set-up. You can also outsource to us your post-production images, we can clean and enhance all images you may have.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

Trade Show Booths

Trade show displays provide you with multiple benefits of showcasing your services, products and brands in order to get new prospective clients. Let us design your next trade show booth!

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.


We can create animations used for product marketing, visual effects, TV, web video creations, social media and web banners.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

Point-of-Sale Displays

Custom, in-store marketing displays for brands to reach and connect with their customers. We can help you grab your customers' attention with creative designs.

Our Process

What we do to unlock creativity while delivering results


Communication is key to any project. Starting off with clear goals and expectations leads to successful, well-executed results. Clients should never be disincentivized to want to talk with their creative partners at any stage of the project. After all nobody knows your products and services better than you do. That's why our team is always available with eyes and ears wide open for collaboration.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.


After laying the groundwork for each particular job or project, we set our creative design team to task. Each project is unique. Concepts are developed and layouts created. And we're not satisfied until our clients are happy.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.


Our involvement in a project doesn't end with the creative design. We can see your jobs through to print production, digital launch, or delivery. Working together with clients, other vendors, and channel partners is sometimes what it takes for a project to to be successful. And we understand the value of a team approach and the importance of commitment to finishing the job. 

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.


Often times projects need to be updated. Your products or services change over time, and so do your creative marketing needs. From updating your overall style and branding to updating the copy on your latest collateral. We feel proud to be a part of our clients' continuing efforts and are always striving to foster our relationships with them through good work.

Kenney Marketing & Advertising, Inc.

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What Clients Say

Our number one goal is to see our clients succeed

  1. Kenney Marketing isn’t just an incredible creative agency, but a truly great strategic partner for well over a decade! Matt and the entire team are quick, courteous, patient, reliable, and great communicators. It is terrific working with an agency that is willing to go the extra mile with each project. I strongly support the work they put out and continuously look for new opportunities to leverage their creative capabilities and expertise for Brother International.

John C.

Creative & Shared Services Marketing Manager

Kenney Marketing & Advertising was and continues to be our go to partner for all our marketing and branding needs. The team, led by Matt, is responsive, intuitive, and reliable. I would highly recommend them to any firm looking to engage a true partner. 

David H.

Chief Executive Officer

I've worked with the team at Kenney Marketing on numerous projects. These have included product packaging, collateral, video animation, web-site development, trade show materials and more.  They approach each project thoughtfully and deliver high-quality results every time.  I can't say enough good things about them.

Jeff S.

Northwood Consulting

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